Game Arcade
Here are some of the best classic games I have found online
They are all great timewasters, enjoy!

Javanoid Javanoid
A great classic breakout game!
Asteroids Asteroids
Classic game, tons of fun
Nibblet Nibblet
Really fun puzzle game
Missile Strike Missile Strike
Stop the asteroids before they hit your base(s). Note: you need shockwave.
Curve Ball Curve Ball
3d pong with a twist. The ball actually curves!
UFO Attack UFO Attack
Kill the invading UFOs by manually guiding your missiles
BMTron BMTron
Java game based on the movie Tron.
Supports up to 4 players.
Hexxagon Hexxagon
Puzzle game. Play against the computer or with 2 human players
Slime Volleyball Slime Volleyball
Play volleyball as a blob.
Matrix Fighting Matrix Fighting
Kill matrix bad guys, complete with bullet time and cool moves

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