VB Dependency Files

  Details and Install Instructions

Listed below are all the files that you may need in order to run the programs found at Utopia Resource. These files are needed by Visual Basic in order to do important tasks and without them the program will not run.

To install any of the .ocx files simply download the file into the following folder:

Win95/98/ME - C:\Windows\System
Win2K/WinXP - C:\WINNT\System32

then restart your computer and try running the program again.

  Dependency File List

VB Runtimes Necessary to run any Visual Basic program. You will most likely need this if you do not have Visual Basic installed or have not downloaded a Visual Basic program before.
Comdlg32.ocx This allows the open/save dialog to be used
mschrt20.ocx This file is used to create the nice graph found in the Kingdom Tracker
Mscomctl.ocx Contains many controls used by Windows
comct232.ocx Has many essential vb controls

Note: All of the programs also require IE 5.0 or higher (It offers functions that facilitate text matching)

  Full Install Option

If you think you are missing more than one needed file or there is a problem with a file not listed here then it will be worthwhile to download the full install. Below is the full setup of Mauddib's Monarchy Tool.

This setup will install all the needed system files onto your computer automatically. Just unzip the file and run setup.exe
Full Install: Setup.zip (2.8 MB)
Note: Some people get an error with the "msado21.tlb" system file, don't abort the install, just click ignore when you get the error and it should work fine.

  Other Errors

Here is another error that some people have had:
Runtime Error '430'.
Class does not support Automation or does not support expected intreface

This error means your computer doesn't have vb script properly installed. Just follow one of the links below to go download the latest version from Microsoft:

Windows Script - Win XP, Win 2000
Windows Script - Win 98, Win ME, Win NT

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