Resource Formatter

  Basic Instructions

The Resource Formatter is very easy to use and is based on the All-in-One technology first used at Utopia Temple (go to the links section if you wish to visit their site)

To use the formatter simply copy the screen you wish to format by pressing Ctrl-A to select the entire screen and Ctrl-C to copy.  Then paste it into the formatter box on the right side of this site, and repeat for as many screens as you wish.  They can be in any order, and it will output an easy to read, formatted page that summarizes all of the copied screens.

The formatter also includes a feature that allows the formatted data to be easily copied.  Simply push the button labeled Copy to Clipboard and all of the data will be copied automatically.  Note, this may not work on all browsers.

Any bugs or suggests can be submitted here, or by using the form at the bottom of each formatted page.

The next few sections summarize the various things that the Resource Formatter supports:

  Crystal Ball (CB)

This includes both offensive data from a successful crystal ball spell as well as self data taken from the main Utopia screen.  As always, press Ctrl-A and then copy the screen(s) into the formatter box. 
If you want it to include thievery estimates and other data, you must include the networth of the target either through the supplied networth field or by copying the target's kingdom screen.

  Spy on Military (SOM)

The formatter supports both offensive (from the thievery op) and self (from the Military Affairs council) information.  Copy the screen(s) you wish to format into the formatter box, but remember to use Ctrl-A so that you highlight everything.

  Survey / Internal Affairs

This includes both offensive (from the Survey thievery op) and self (from the Internal Affairs council screen) data.  Once again, remember to use Ctrl-A to select the entire screen before you copy it into the formatter box.

  Paper / Crystal Eye

The formatter is compatible with both offensive (from the Crystal Eye spell) and self (from the Paper or Last Month screen) data.  To format, use Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C when you are on the right Utopia screen, then paste it into the formatter box.

  Spy on Science

The Resource Formatter can format both offensive (from the Spy on Sciences thievery op) and self (from the Sciences screen) information.  Always remember to use Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C to copy the screen(s) into the formatter.

  Kingdom Report

If you wish to get a detailed analysis of a kingdom, including dead and inactive provinces, simply copy the kingdom screen(s) into the formatter using Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C.  You can also include the kingdom of a crystal ball target in order to include thief estimates in the formatted result.

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