Game Arcade: Javanoid

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You can us both mouse and keyboard controls for this game:
Left & right to move the paddle
Space to launch the ball or shoot
N for new game
P to pause/resume the game
S to toggle sound on/off
U to change ball direction
1 to 9 to change game speed (slowest fo fastest, default is 5)
If keys don't work, click on the game to give it the focus.


The gray blocks must be hit three times, and the gold ones can't be destroyed.

The blue pill gives you three balls, the red pill a shooting paddle, the green pill a sticky paddle, the yellow pill a larger paddle and the gray pill a smaller paddle. The orange pill either give you an extra ball, make balls go through the bricks or add a bonus to your score.


There are 12 levels to beat the game. You have to look at the level to decide what kind of paddle or ball you want. This is because in some levels you can't shoot all the bricks. Be careful because in some levels the ball can get stuck and you need to restart the game. I found that its worth going for the orange pill because they can give you a life.

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