Muaddib's Monarchy Tool (MMT)


Download: Muaddib's Monarchy Tool.exe
NOTE: If you are missing runtime dll files you can easily download them here
Version: 1.3 Beta
File Size: 544KB
Release Date: January 29, 2005


This program is a collection of useful tools that I have been creating that make the job of a monarch much easier. They help with war organization, and also with keeping track of your kingdom's growth to get an idea of who the slackers are.

When you first launch Muadibb's Monarchy Tool it will minimize down to the taskbar (like Angel). Simply right click on this icon and a menu will pop up giving you access to the features available.

  Paper Formatter

The paper formatter is very similar to the one available online at Utopia Temple. Simply go to the Paper/Crystal Eye screen in Utopia, push Ctrl-A to select everything, then Ctrl-C to copy. A screen will pop up with the formatted report and will also put it on the clipboard (just like Angel).

It uses a slightly different format than Utopia Temple, and comes complete with a summary of the attacks made/suffered, highlights of relations and dragon news info, and a gains/losses chart of the kingdom who's paper it is.

I might also add a feature where it will track all the papers you add, similar to the Kingdom Tracker. It just depends on whether a lot of people want this feature.

  Kingdom Tracker

The kingdom tracker can recieve Angel formatted kingdoms from the clipboard, which it then adds to an MS Access database. This database can support multiple kingdoms, so you can add enemy kingdoms if you wish. Then using the info from the database you can create html progress reports which display how the provinces in the kingdom have improved over that time period. This is great for monarchs who want to see who is pulling their weight. It also shows the person who gained the most land, and who gained the most networth.

An example (from an old round) of the html progress report that the tool produces:
Progress Report

It also includes the feature where you can create graphs showing the progress of provinces in your kingdom over a time interval:
Graph Screenshot

  CB Summarizer

The CB Summarizer monitors your clipboard for CBs formatted by Utopia Angel. When it picks up a CB it appends it to a report very similar to the one Angel produces when you create a "mass cb". However there is one key difference, at the top of the report it creates a summary of the targets. Also, it is not limited to just single CBs, it will also append multiple CBs loaded from your Angel archive.

You can now also customize the report by removing or changing the order of the listed categories, just go to the options menu and click "Customize Report".

The Angel formatted CBs of all the provinces are at the bottom of the report (this is cut off in the screenshot)

  Anonymous Tracer

The Anonymous Tracer was made to help narrow down the provinces who could have made that anonymous attack on you (or a kingdommate). It works using the formula for land gains, and lists all the targets who could have made the attack, then highlights any that are likely matches.

Great for people who want to figure out who made that anonymous attack without wasting a ton of their time or wasting more of thier stealth than they need too.

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