"Explorer later converting to Attacker" by Thorn


The main thing you have to remember for this and any other strat is that you must keep expanding. If your not expanding in land expand in troops.

200 to 300 Acres:

Draft Rate: 40-60%

  • Mines: 25%

  • Mills: 10%

  • Farms: 20%

  • Banks: 5%

  • Guilds: 15%

  • Libraries: 25%

Dpa: About 50 to 60

This is your time to build resources and explore you sould hit 300 before coming out of protection. That means EXPLORE!! By the end try to get your DPA really high so you can fend off any attacks. BY the end you should have enough supplies to start building an offence.

300 to 1,000 Acres:

Draft Rate: 60-70%

  • Mines: 10%

  • Farms: 15%

  • Barracks: 10%

  • Armouries: 10%

  • Forts: 10%

  • Banks: 15%

  • Towers: 10%

  • Libraries: 20%

Dpa: About 40 to 60

This is now your time to start building some offence. Keep your DPA high, and start buildign axemen. This should work really well and you will be ready to attack anyone that stands in your way.

- Thorn (5-Mar-2003)

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need more barracks and need more schools, change forts to hospitals to lower offensive and defensive losses......its a OK strat tho...i give 6


No guilds ?



You dropped the guild. no need for towers with no guilds. take 5% banks and 5% libs into guilds. then this might work.


Drop the arms for barracks, forts for hospitals. your Berserkers in defense should give good enough defense. And if you are shepherd /after doing some pump in food science you can take away 5% farms out, so you can have 10% guilds and 5% towers.

And in war take away the 10% of either mines or banks for watchtowers.


I dont use hospitals. All i lose in comabt is gained back with in no time. I also think there should be some prisons. It helps to have 1-2k prisoners to help out when you need that extra offense.


Don't like it....srry you would be killed by mages thieves.
Not even talking about attackers cuz 10% barracks is not enough.

You only explored till 300. Pretty useless. go to 500 as an explorer. Only build def specs and no attacker can break you certainly. :/

Your attack stage also is not very strong. A dwarf does not need so many banks. Lose also the libs. Just make a science pump to cover your science. also lose the forts imo.

Put that 45% into 15% guilds to be a bit save against some mages 15% into WT's to be a bit save against thieves.
And put the last 15% into barracks.

You can also to choose to make 15%schools then just take of 5% of the rax, guilds en WT's but you really need to get your science maxed then en get a tpa of 1.5 at least.


how come noone has homes in their strats?


Because homes are useless...
They can hold some peasants, but they aren't of any use.

The other buildings hold peasants to, but not as many... And those buildings make you stronger...


anyone have a strat for avain


i want to be a very strong attacker by the time i get to 750

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