"Explorer in Protection" by UtopiaUser


all you do is build an equal amount of mines and banks plus explore when you have the chance. For me I have 585 acres and I have an income of 75kgc

200 to 700 Acres:

Draft Rate: 50-65%

  • Mines: 39%

  • Banks: 39%

  • Towers: 10%

  • Schools: 2%

  • Watchtowers: 6%

  • Universities: 2%

  • Libraries: 2%

this is how I made my province

- UtopiaUser (8-Mar-2003)

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Aren't those towers a little useless with no Guilds? and isn't dicing a much better strat(I know this is in protection) but it still works better I would think.


yeah he is definately right towers are useless without guilds and what u is up with the 2% unis 2% libs and (this is the craziest of all) 2% schools. that 6% shold all be libs. In protection you dont need WTs either .....Put mills in its place....and thats a whole lot of money your trying to make there.....I would say u can lose some of thoose banks at least(mines are better early in the age) maybe some arms would go good....also maybe a few stables...so you can get your horses ready to go....


I don't think that any of those science buildings a nessisary. Undead is very bad for scienced, I think you should put more into militaly buildings


it's very nice

Ds Random

i got a stratgie. when you are in protection with undead take down all your farms and guilds spread out your land like this

15% aromries

15% banks

15% universitys

15% forts

15% barracks

10% watch towers

5% guilds

undeads suck at spells but he 5% allows you to enough to cast the baic spells like cb and ce. this is a undead attacker strat so do get me wrong here


its a bad strategy.

forget science until later.

start some guilds early so they have longer to produce, get wpa to 1+ or mages will roast you.

watchtowers are nice, but only when out of protection. dont waste anything on training thieves.

maybe a simpler approach until oop would be
39 mines
39 banks
10 guilds
12 hospitals

lose the hospitals after max pop and convert to towers. you could also just do 22 on guilds

long winded. sorry


drop unis! drop libs! drop schools! drop WT's! drop some of banks and mines.

10% farms
40% banks
15% mines
10% hospitals
15% guilds
10% towers


if this is for undead u dont needs farms retards


Farms would come in handy in case someone else in your kingdom needs food, but you can't send aid when your in protection so that doesn't matter anyway. This is how I put mine together:

10% homes
42% banks
12% hospitals
18% guilds
18% towers


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